Notes from author

Good News from Rufus T and me!

A new shipment has arrived… the second printing of “Rufus T Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House”. What an exciting day at R Rouse Tales! I could not wait to hold a new copy of this first book in the Rufus T Rouse series. Smile! They are quite lovely.

The jolly, wee mouse from Scotland takes an unexpected journey on a cargo ship, all the while sharing Bible verses and prayers with your child.  He meets new friends along the way and learns to trust the Lord more every day. Each book in the series contains a set of 9 punch-out, Bible verse cards.

More exciting news! “Wee Mouse in the House” is now packaged in the new, Rufus T Tote. See photo above. The packaged set includes the Wee Mouse book, the Rufus T plush mouse, and a cinched “tote” bag. What a brilliant way for your child to store his books, plush mouse, and Bible verse cards!

Please request a free digital copy of the 32-page Curriculum now available with your purchase of “Rufus T Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House”. This “Wee Mouse” Curriculum contains 13-lessons and activities making it an excellent tool for Sunday School, Children’s Ministries, Bible School, and Day Care.

Rufus T’s first book, as well as the second book, may be purchased on this website’s Store page. If near the Elizabeth City area in NC, avoid shipping costs by calling R Rouse Tales at 252-330-1323 for local purchase and pickup.